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The Buddha's Dream

The Buddha’s Dream of Liberation:
Freedom, Emptiness, and Awakened Nature

A book by James William Coleman

The great wheel of Buddhist teachings has been spinning for more than two thousand years, and it has left a vast ocean of Dharma. A hundred generations of continuous practice, teaching, and reflection have left us with more treasures of wisdom than anyone can even count, let alone read and assimilate.  Fortunately, there are also teachings that can help us make sense of that embarrassment of riches.  In the great Samdhinirmocana Sutra (pronounced: samde nir mo chana), the Buddha tell us that there were three main turnings of this wheel of Dharma, each with its own distinctive teachings building upon—but not replacing—its predecessors.  This book presents the timeless wisdom of each of those three turnings by exploring some of the great sutras in which it was recorded.  Then with the help of two great contemporary meditation masters, Reb Anderson Roshi and Lama Palden Drolma, it shows how fresh and vital these teaching still are and how we can make them part of our lives in the 21st century.

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